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What is Business Suite ?

Our business suite is a set of business functions enabling the core business website and online marketing processes inside and beyond the boundaries of an organization. 

Starting from registering a domain name for your business to digital marketing services & detailed tracking of generated leads/sales all at one place.

What you get in Business Suite ?

  • * .COM Domain >> High-Speed SSD Hosting >> SSL

  • * Website / E-commerce Site / Grocery Store

  • * Banner Ads / SMS or Email Credits / PPC Setup

* Affiliate Tracking Software / Referral Tracking Script

Online Identity
Digital Marketing
Website / Online Store
Leads/Sales Tracking
leads/sales tracking
Including a great exclusive feature New
Affiliate/Referral Tracking Software
You can easily track leads/sales where is it coming from with detailed analytics & multiple traffic sources. Simply welcome Influencers/Affiliates to your Affiliate Program & boost up your online sales.

Offer referral program to your customers & incentivize them to drive more sales. Create Referral Codes, Share & Get Insights.
Save tons on design, development & online marketing campaigns

Perfect Solution For All Your Online Presence

  • .COM
  • SSL
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Modular Components
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Contact Form Alerts.

  • Business Email ID's
  • Affiliate Program

  • Web Hosting
  • Website / Online Store
  • Multiple Pages
  • Suits Your Business
  • Gallery Options
  • Payment Gateway

  • Automatic Backups
  • WhatsApp Connect

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₹29999 or $399

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We build scalable, intelligent and professional web & mobile applications to simplify lives of different businesses and people around the world since 2014. Our company offers Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Design/Developement, Mobile Application Development, Software Development & Online Marketing Services designed to lift your business up and promote your brands/products online to attract potential customers.
CEO, Tracknix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Freebies Implementation

Basic tools required to manage website in 2021

Google Analytics
Pixel Implementation
Live Chat
Google Business Listing
Email API
Payment Gateway
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